Alex (Delirium, #3.5) - Lauren Oliver Hmph. wasn't bad. It just wasn't very exciting, either. The only way I can describe it was like reading an unfinished fanfiction - I kept waiting for something to grab me, for something to happen, or for something to show me that this novella belonged to its series...that it had that same spark.

Instead, you're given a speedy first-person narration of events over 27 pages that lacks the luster of the Delirium series. Sure, I perked up at the mention of Lena. But this book did nothing to further the series. It was a little disappointing. It felt like a third limb that didn't quite connect with, or add to, the great series the novella is meant to stem from.

However, I think that anyone who has read all three books in the series should give Alex a read and form their own opinions for themselves :)