Touch of Death (Touch of Death, #1) - Kelly Hashway What if your kiss could kill? What if your touch was poisonous?

Odds are you'd not be in a hurry to scout out a date for prom...or help out at the local animal shelter.

Jodi Marshall's life is getting weirder and weirder...

Animals dying and coming back to life in a zombie-like state, a cute stalker with startling green eyes - none of this spells 'normal'. And when her stalker, Alex, informs Jodi that she's a necromancer or an 'Ophi' - a descendant of Medusa, born under the 13th sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchu - Jodi's life will never be the same.

Suddenly being a normal teenager is no longer an option. Not when the tiniest drop of her blood, or the touch of her skin or lips could kill those she loves.

Having poisoned blood in her veins isn't even the start of it. Jodi is also the Chosen One.

Hades has been taking out his wrath on the Ophi for decades. Jodi's the missing piece of the prophecy; the Ophi, directly descended from Medusa who will save her kind from perishing at Hades' hands.

But the Ophi are a complicated, secretive lot. And some secrets are deadlier than any poison.

The line between friend and foe is blurred as Jodi is taken to meet the other Ophi - some of them ecstatic at her arrival, others boiling with jealousy and foul plans. But as Jodi uncovers her family history and the dark mysteries that surround the Ophi that have taken her under their wing, she begins to doubt their intentions.

Are they there to help train her to save the world...or are they there to help in ending the threat she presents?

Mythology, romance, humour and the paranormal create an addictive concoction that will undoubtedly steal your breath away - paralyse you - and have you wanting more!