Dangerous - Alycia Linwood Warning: This book is 'Dangerous' for your sanity*.
(*Dangers include: face-palming, swearing, consumption of large amount of chocolate and a permanent state of confusion.)

To our bad-tempered, stuffed up and dumb as dishwater main protagonist:

I could spend an entire day, standing on a stage, reciting the 101 million reasons why I hated Ria. One of them being her ability to go from wanting to murder someone to talking about ponies. What. The. Hell. She must be on something strong because no one can be that ditzy naturally. It's just not possible.

I sincerely tried to find something redeemable in this book. I swear. I considered spending an entire review yapping on about the Bold and the Beautiful worthy plotline, the badly-delivered 'witty' comments, the failed 'twist' and the fact that none of these characters has any depth. But then I realised that not only would that be emotionally exhausting, but pointless.

So I will try to mention some good stuff quickly:
1.) Her boyfriend makes her feel like a princess. Maybe too hard (a.k.a cheesy as hell) but he tries.
E.g. He gets a white horse to take her to a restaurant. They ride on horseback to a restaurant. Seriously.
2.) It teaches you that drugs are bad.
E.g. Adrian a drug addict? Had he made Paula take it too? Oh, shit. This quote very clearly lays out the protagonist's feelings on drug use.
3.) If you cheat on your boyfriend, it's okay! He'll forgive you and you can still be together. (*slaps forehead*) Oh, and note: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME...or anywhere else.
4.) Stealing is only bad if you get caught.

So...basically my feelings: