The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins “Here’s some advice. Stay alive.”

Meet Katniss Everdeen, a 16 year-old who lives in District 12- one of the twelve remaining districts of the nation Panem. Here, everything exists only to entertain those in the Capital…through the annual Hunger Games. 24 contestants or “Tributes” are selected lottery-style – 2 from each district. They are placed in an outdoor arena controlled by the Capital, and the crowds gather to watch as the Tributes battle to the death in order to survive. When Katniss volunteers to take her sister’s place, her life changes forever

Strategy and awareness are everything – everyone is an enemy, no tree or creature is what it seems – and only one Tribute can remain. But can Katniss decide who matters most, who the real enemy is and whether or not it is possible to fight back?

A relatable team of characters: Gale - Katniss’ life-long friend - , Peeta, who's the other Tribute from District 12 – who holds a special secret - , Haymitch – whose bark is worse than his bite –, Effie – whose efficient personality is not always appreciated - as well as many more. Some are good, some silly, some bad. Good, silly, bad, most are doomed to die or be forever in the grip of the terrible Capital and its President…unless someone can stand up and fight for the freedom of Panem and its people.

Best book in a long time, which keeps you hanging on every word - with heaps of laughs - and most likely reading under the covers late at night :)