Shift - Rachel Vincent Dear female protagonists of the fictional world:

Please refrain from keeping relationship-threatening secrets to yourself. Please. Because we all know that at some point tensions are going to boil-over and shit will hit the fan.

Use that brain - the one you have somewhere deep within the recesses of your head, past the cobwebs and posters of shirtless guys. Use it and you will find life is so much easier!! Yes! Using your brain means that 95% of the time you will not end up in situations (e.g. brawls, yell-fests, cages, bird nests and half way up trees with you arm split open) that you would give anything to get out of.

You'll also probably be more likely to see your 30th birthday. Increased life expectancy is a perk of being a thinking, intelligent (and breathing) woman!

So before your life becomes a teen soap opera...
And tell the truth before you're left a spinster with 76 cats watching Bold and the Beautiful re-runs.

Yours sincerely,
Real Girls of the World.