Secret Lives (Darke Academy) - Gabriella Poole I think the best part of this book were the words I picked up including:
- guff
- comestible

I mean, come on - guff?! I will officially be trying to slip that into every one of my conversations. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION PEOPLES!!

Overall, this book was (on a scale of 'ugh' to 'squeal'): meh. For those of you not fluent in fangirl, 'meh' is an expression used to convey indecision. The book was founded on some amazing, and original, ideas and concepts. Although I do have to stress the annoying quality it possesses of having girl characters that obviously haven't watched any horror movies or read any thrillers.

Rule #1: Do not go into woods @ night
Rule #2: When you hear footsteps in the hall @ night, do not leave your rooms to see who it is
Rule #3: For the love of God, don't break into peoples' rooms!
Rule #4: Don't touch knives. Duh.
Rule #5: If the guy is hot 98.98% of the time he is evil. Heads up.
Rule #6: Odds are, if people have DIED at your school, you should be careful. Death is not like the flu. It is permanent for one thing.
Rule #7: Don't help old ladies. Especially creepy ones.
Rule #8: Don't go up against Swedish girls (a valuable lesson in this book, let me tell you!)
Rule #9: New girls always get sucked into plot twists.

So if you know any girls who are off to a new school, or have been given scholarships to a shifty sounding academy, make sure to drill into them the importance of having a brain. And thinking before they act!