Beautifully Broken (Spellbound, #1) - Sherry Soule Demons plague her. Ghosts haunt her. Gossip follows her.

Shiloh Ravenwolf's family are the food of Whispering Pines' gossipmongers - supposedly descendants of witches, they are believed to be behind a mysterious 'curse' on the town, a curse that might be responsible for the mysterious disappearances occurring of late. Shiloh's dreams and her waking hours are plagued by the supernatural. She longs to be able to confide in others, but who would believe her?

Trent Donovan may be hot but his house comes with a bucketful of sinister secrets.

As people disappear one by one, Shiloh takes on a job at Trent's mansion - but there's more to work on than architecture. The place is haunted, by a vengeful wraith who may not be the victim, but the murderer themselves. Left with a pile of grimoires, no guidance and a shaky relationship with the bad boy himself, Shiloh must make sense of the mystery that is Ravenhurst Manor.

A strange mark branded into her skin. A darkness branded on her soul.

Shiloh's family's secrets may just be darker than she realised - uncovering them may lead to finding answers that she'll wish she never knew. But Shiloh is desperate to solve the case, find those who have disappeared and to finally find out what happened to her that night. And why a Darkness she can't explain resides inside of her, ready to be let free.

Beautifully broken, Shiloh must see this through to the end - as the Thirteenth Daughter it is her heritage. And her fate.