Above - Leah Bobet Gosh. I understand that it was meant to be all Matthew's POV and everything...but it didn't make sense. Sorry Leah!

My favourite line to have a mental image of: "'His eyes glow dim-shot amber - not bright, so he's not mad then, just annoyed and looking to be mad. The glow's enough to light up the tapestry on my door."

My favourite 'aww' line:
Ariel: "I like the sky. I need it."
Matthew: "I'd be your sky."

A few of my reactions to this book:

The reason I'm so upset is, truthfully, I WANTED to connect more with this book! The cover was brilliant, the title was brilliant, the synopsis/blurb on Goodreads sounded brilliant...but for some reason (maybe it was just me?) but the POV and language oddities created a barrier I couldn't get past, which was a shame. I totally like the book and give Leah kudos for trying something so different and unique. But I just found it really hard to get through.