Across The Hall - N.M. Facile A tale of ex boyfriends, never-ending innuendo, crime mixed in with college romance, plus a dash of friendships, picnics, bowling and somehow teenage pregnancy.

I can't explain it. The plot just didn't click - none of the pieces matched up to me, as the plot flittered from one path to another. First it's about undying love, then about lust, then about 'hey I still love you', then it's about deciding who to love, then it's 'hey my not-so-boyfriend-boyfriend-was-actually-a-criminal', then the show down, then there's more kissing, then there's 'we're having a baby', then there's the whole NOW WE WILL FEATURE A EPILOGUE SKIPPING 40 SOMETHING YEARS INTO THE FUTURE WHEN WE'RE ALL OLD!! didn't work for me.

It didn't have that magic that, for e.g., Stephanie Perkins and Miranda Keneally books had - I expected this book to me so much better than it was.