Changeless - Gail Carriger Scottish people rock.

The end.

Honestly, this book should be re-labelled "An Appreciation of Conall's Hot Scottish Accent", because I personally couldn't give two figs about the storyline (I mean, I liked it (I adore steampunk), but I mean, when I pick between it and Conall...) when Conall is using all his 'dinna' and 'ken' words...HE WAS SO ADORABLE!!!

But the end...of good gosh, the END...
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I hate guys. Seriously, I mean when a man goes "This is the truth, please believe me," the girl character is expected to go to hell and back, hug, kiss and make up in order to reassure him of her belief in him. But when a GIRL character goes "This is the truth, please believe me" he's all "No! No! I don't want to! You're a *******!" And then when he finds out he's WRONG because he always IS, he's all "Ha...haha...sorry babe!"

No. Just no.