Before I Wake - Rachel Vincent Brilliant!! There aren't words to describe how this book made me feel, so I'll do a quick sum up:

- Team Tod ALL THE WAY!!
- The jokes are the funniest things ever - especially Tod's. Who knew reaper's had such a spot-on sense of humour, hmm?!
- Suspenseful and heartache. The deaths are horrible and you just want to kick the bad guys where it hurts.
- Kaylee is a HAB (heroine with a backbone) and should be applauded on her courage and inner strength
- Tod is so hot! :D
- Repeat the above
- Nash needs to get a life
- Sabine and Sophie catfights are the icing on the cake
- Tod + Kaylee = cutest couple ever!

Bring the popcorn and get ready for one hellion of an adventure!

(My 'Before Reading' review:)

What I want to do to Nash:


My reaction to the fact another book means more Tod:


I'm looking forward to it BUT if our dear heroine starts crushing on Nash AGAIN...I'm going to send Nash to one of the nine circles of Hell!!:D