Crave - Melissa Darnell I loved how at the end of this book was a playlist of songs. Out of curiosity I listened to all of them - and my favourite had to be "Try" by Asher Book. The part where it says "I will try for your love, we've been hiding enough," perfectly sums up the love between the two main characters, Tristan and Savannah - as does "Secrets" by OneRepublic. This book was amazing, and I'm not a big fan of anything to do with vampires but this book...I don't want to sound incredibly cheesy but I was craving (yes, that was incredibly funny...:D) the next book and I can't wait to read it.

Being half witch half vampire isn't an easy feat. And for Savannah, it comes completely out of the blue - suddenly challenging her self control and forcing her to settle for second best when it comes to what she longs for. Dancing, living a normal life, being accepted and finally...Tristan, the son of the Clann leader - the same Clann who banished her mother and want to keep Savannah's true nature a secret at any cost.

Both are warned to stay away from one another. Both shouldn't be together. But since that day they got 'married' in the fourth grade, there has been a special bond between them. And no matter how much Savannah knows that being together is wrong, against the rules and going to end in tragedy she cannot ignore the draw towards him. Can Tristan make it work? Can he convince her that it is love and not simply bloodlust? And can two people reform an old friendship in the midst of a supernatural struggle for power without losing what they hold dear in the process?

Riveting and I think its title is well-deserved.