Book of Revenge (Knight Angels, #2) - Abra Ebner NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Me after reading the book:

Ok. I loved the first book and was dying to find out what happened. But the ending to the second was so traumatising on me that I was like "WHAT?" NO!! The storyline is good (Wes searches for his past/roots and is less "Jane Jane Jane" and more "Emily, Emily, Emily", Emily is still haunted by Greg but is trying to sort it out, Max is just brilliant and Jane is a tad too clingy for my liking, but give the girl a break. She's not even meant to be alive! So I guess being pessimistic and brooding is apart of the perks of being saved and having a guardian angel!

I will not, WILL NOT, think of the ending. It was horrible and I'm not ashamed to say it. I just REALLY hope there's another book memory of this series will be horrible and I will never get over it. EVER.

It really WAS that bad (it's not just my obsessive fangirling streak!). I can't believe how sudden it was. And then it's like:

- Happy happy happy (the beginning and the middle of the book)
- Problem/complication
- The End

Literally! Your heart is getting ripped out by the ending, you turn the page and look for a solution and the it goes ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. My new favourite hate - the acknowledgements page!:D